B3 Sunrise Project is a luxury residential B+S+4 apartment designed to accommodate natural light, air and ample of parking space at Tamando, Bhubaneswar.
B3 Sunrise Project is a great option for homebuyers looking for Vastu compliance modern architectural luxurious and well-connected lifestyle in Bhubaneswar.
The B3 Sunrise Project in Tamando, Bhubaneswar, is an upscale residential development comprising basement, ground floor, and four stories of apartments.
B3 Sunrise Project in Bhubaneswar presents an exceptional choice for discerning homebuyers seeking modern architectural luxury that aligns with Vastu principles, all while enjoying a well-connected and lavish lifestyle.

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They have in-depth knowledge about the neighbourhoods in Cuttack and Angul. The skilled team helped us buy our dream home in a prime location and that too in our limited budget. Without a doubt, we can trust Realty Assistant for the best real estate services and ethical monetary transactions.

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Animesh Das

B3 engineer worked like professionals and guided us right from the beginning till the final possession of the property. Being transparent about their business processes, the team offered simple solutions to what we were looking for as a new buyer. Our journey with them was very comfortable without any hassle.


Swati Mishra

Thank you so much B3 engineer, I had an excellent experience as the team did a fantastic job. Their knowledge about the Bhubaneswar location is incredible. During the entire process, the team was always available and super responsive that made our home buying seamless for us.

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Prakash Mohapatra